Aaron is a Founder and Senior Principal of Engage.

With over 20 years of engineering experience, Aaron is responsible for overseeing financial reporting for the organization, as well as providing client management services and design development expertise.  He has extensive experience working with regional stakeholders in the industry, be that approval agencies, multi-disciplinary consultants and community stakeholders.

His engineering passion involves project design development, with an emphasis on ensuring design efficiency through Project Team and Project Stakeholder collaboration.

Aaron is excited about the opportunity that Engage Engineering provides for both clients and the community. He believes that Engage’s values are rooted in better understanding the clients’ needs, and by providing engineering services that strengthen our community’s infrastructure.

Recently, Aaron has been Project Advisor in community projects including the Canadian Canoe Museum, Brock Mission, Hospice, and Louis Street Park.

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys cottage life, time with family and mountain biking about the P-dot.