Engineering is about more than facts and figures, designs and surveys, or construction sites – it’s about people. At Engage, we strive to connect with our clients, their stakeholders and employees, and to build strong relationships with them. This helps us better understand our client’s needs and deliver unique solutions. Engage is not just our company name, it’s our business philosophy. Our core values speak to this commitment:



Our Core Values reflect who we are and what we are about. They set the foundation for how we operate and the relationships we build with our clients, stakeholders, staff and the community at large. Our core values let our clients and our community know what kind of firm we are and how we conduct business.


We believe that engineering is about more than facts and figures, designs and surveys, or construction sites – it’s about people. At Engage, we connect with our clients and take the time to develop and maintain strong relationships with them. This helps us better understand their needs and develop unique solutions.


Our smaller firm size allows us to be mindful of our projects.  Our staff, in-turn, are exposed to all facets of the design process.  We utilize our strong relationships amongst our colleagues, trades, and subconsultants in the industry, in order to build multi-faceted design teams on our projects.  This in turn keeps us agile and focused on our expertise.


Engineering is a profession, not a commodity. We provide specialized and valuable services to our clients and community and we take this responsibility seriously. We set high standards for our services and commit to conducting ourselves with integrity and accountability.


We recognize that we have the opportunity to impact and shape our communities through our work, our actions and our choices. We are actively engaged in our community through corporate volunteerism, participation in charitable initiatives and support of local causes. Being part of the community means doing our part to make it a better place to live and work.


We understand the importance of work-life balance, for the wellbeing of our employees and for the benefit it brings to our workplace. We continuously strive to ensure the right balance between work and life for both our staff and clients. This balance empowers our staff and creates a culture that is unique and dynamic.


Your project is our project.  And our projects are our reputation.  Engage has built our reputation on excellent project management services, and we believe that looking at the project from the perspective of all parties, be that owner, consultant, contractor or agency, is integral to success and timely project deliverables.  We here at Engage are accountable to this philosophy.